Our why:

In the United States the philanthropic sector often lacks transparent practices, and with only 1 in 10 US full-time staff under the age of 30*, it creates a dynamic where the sector is often unfamiliar to individuals early in their careers or those new to the ecosystem.

Embracing and centering diverse perspectives, including those at the early stages of their careers, is essential as philanthropic institutions address structural and systemic injustices.

Our focus on folks early on in their careers is driven by the belief that their insights and contributions are pivotal to catalyzing the transformative change required in the sector.
*Council on Foundations 2022 Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report: Key Findings

About us:

PhilanthroSee demystifies entering the philanthropic sector through intentional and thoughtful resources for the next generation of leaders.

Our initiatives include a curated job board focused entirely on roles requiring 0-5 years experience, a central job board hub featuring 80+ philanthropy job boards around the world, and we conduct research on the state of early career roles within the sector to better equip job seekers whilst showcasing trends and growth edges for those in power in philanthropic institutions.

Our Mission

PhilanthroSee builds the power of the next generation of leaders to ensure that the philanthropic sector is representative of intergenerational leadership.

Theory of change

IF we demystify entering the philanthropic sector and build the power of the next generation of philanthropic leaders, THEN the sector will become more transparent and representative of intergenerational leadership.